Awakened Citizen Program at DPSGBN

"Purify yourself and the world is bound to be purified".
-Swami Vivekananda

We at DPSGBN have successsfully completed the  Awakened Citizen Program - Year one (16)module in Grade VII.

The Awakened Citizen Program has been successfully helping  students and facilitators to address their problems from different spheres of life. It has laid  foundations for global citizenship.

To observe the progress,learning and impact of the program, volunteers from Ram Krishna Mission  Ms.Piya and Mr.Arun also interacted with our young  Dipsites and were highly satisfied with the responses they received from them.

We are grateful to our Principal,Ms.Supriti Chauhan, and all the trained facilitators for taking this program forward at its fullest spirit.

Note : The purpose of the Awakened Citizen Programe is to ignite the infinite strength and potential inherent in every child and to develop faith in their own selves, discover values and make responsible choices.