Youth Policy Dialogue’22

“True courage is a result of reasoning. A brave mind is always impregnable” -Jeremy Collier

We are delighted to announce that Youth Policy Dialogue’22 was conducted successfully on 11th and 12th November 2022 in the School premises.

In this offline event, students of our school along with Vishwa Bharti Public School & Somerville International School attempted to solve grassroot issues by presenting their views on the policies and problems of their respective cities.

The Opening Ceremony was graced by our Principal Ma’am Ms.Supriti Chauhan who was impressed by the remarkable confidence shown by the budding leaders. The prize distribution ceremony drew applause as worthy talents were recognised for their skills. The Best Delegate award was bagged by the Manasvi Agarwal, Amay and Mohit for deliberating in various Forums. Udbhav Singh, Eshaan and Rishi were adorned with the High Commendation awards. Khushal Arora, Shabd and Bhoomika got Special Mention. Sarthak Varshney, Sara and Reetika Singh were given Verbal Mention.

Amazing representatives of speakers aided by highly competent Moderators from YPD Team made the conference interactive with their noteworthy style of debating in the sessions.

The dynamic and intellectually stimulating sessions, by virtue of a hardworking Moderators, helped students hone their public speaking skills, reasoning and judgement. It was truly a learning experience for all the students and soon-to-be young leaders of tomorrow.