Dental Care and Dental Checkup in DPS-GBN

DPS-GBN conducted an ‘Oral Hygiene Week’, organized by Odon Dental Care, from 22nd – 24th August, 2016. The week commenced with an enlightening workshop for the students and teachers of classes III – V on ‘Dental Care and Hygiene’ conducted by Dr. Seema Bhayana. The workshop was followed by a dental check-up of all the students. The dentists gave a personalized feedback to each student about their dental health. Alongside, competitions like ‘Most Dazzling Smile’, ‘Poster Making Competition on Importance of Oral or Dental Hygiene’ and ‘Slogan Writing Competition on Importance of Oral Health’ were also organized for the celebration of the Oral Hygiene Week. The students creatively, actively and enthusiastically participated in these events. Children understood the importance of oral hygiene and the necessity of going to a dentist and having checkups done every six months. Students pledged to take care of their oral health for that dazzling smile and a healthy life.