Book Week

Curating a Reader

Intrigue, interest and curiosity were sentiments that reigned through our ones as Students of Grades 3-5 indulged in the Book Week organized by DPS, GBN in association with Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. from May 8-13, 2023. In pursuit of curating readers and with a vision of formulating future literary figures, specially designed activities were laid out for the Students who foraged through them with great excitement. The DEAR activity (Drop every thing and read) engaged every individual in the School premises from our guards to Students, while Class Wise Scholastic Activity Sheets and Book reviews honed the creativity of our young readers. It was a moment of exhilaration as the Best Readers, were felicitated with Star Reader Certificates by the School Principal, Ms. Supriti Chauhan. She also interacted with the Students at the Book fair, browsing and recommending the different Genres of books, a true reflection of lead by example. The week culminated as the Students were able to borrow books of their choice. It was a week attended with complete enthusiasm and vigor.