Inter House Story telling Competition, ‘A Skillful Story Teller’

“Story telling is the oldest form of education."- Terry Tempest Williams

The Primary Wing of DPS, GBN organized an Inter House Story telling competition, ‘A Skillful Story Teller' for the Students of Grade 3. The young storytellers’ brimming with imagination and enthusiasm, transported the audience to a world full of delight, wonder and joy. With their animated expressions, bright props, vivid descriptions, and engaging narratives, they showcased their incredible storytelling skills. Each participant weaved tales of adventure, friendship, and bravery, leaving the listeners spellbound. It was a day filled with laughter, learnings, excitement, and the joy of storytelling.

The results are as follows:
Ganges House - First
Satluj House - Second
Jhelum House - Third
Congratulations to the winners!