Space Workshop

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." – Carl Sagan

DPS, GBN along with SPACE INDIA conducted a series of workshops for Grades 1-5 on 20 ,26 and 27 October ,2023 that ignited the curiosity and imagination of our budding astronauts. The workshop was a captivating blend of interactive sessions, hands-on experiments, and captivating demonstrations. Students had the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the universe, unravel the secrets of celestial bodies, and learn about the wonders of space exploration.

This workshop was an unforgettable experience, fueling the student’s fascination with the cosmos and igniting a desire to explore the unknown. It was a testament to the power of science education and the boundless potential of our future space explorers. Overall, the entire experience was a good amalgamation of fun and learning which gave a golden opportunity to the students to think out of the box. Sessions were interesting and full of creativity.