Joy of Giving

"The spirit of giving transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, woven with threads of kindness." – Anonymous

The Pre-primary wing celebrated the ‘Joy of Giving’ this Christmas through a special initiative that brought joy and warmth to both the children and the community. The event, held on December 14 & 15, 2023, aimed to instil the values of kindness and generosity in our young learners. Their faces lit up with excitement as they shared toys, snacks, and handmade cards with ancillary staff, and unprivileged children. This collective effort not only enhanced their ability to fulfil their mission but also strengthened the sense of belonginess among our kind supporters.  The children also put on a heartwarming Christmas carol performance and showcased the joy of spreading happiness through music.

The activity served as a beautiful reminder of the importance of cultivating compassion and empathy from a young age. It not only brought smiles to the faces of our little ones but also made a positive impact on the community, embodying the true spirit of Christmas.