Satrangi Bharat: Shades of India

“Satrangi Bharat: Where traditions meet innovation in a colorful embrace.”

The Kindergarten Annual Day celebration of our Pre-nursery, Nursery and Prep students was a resounding success as our young talents took center stage on December 22 & 23, 2023 to showcase the rich heritage and diverse culture of India through the theme ‘Satrangi Bharat: Shades of India’, symbolizing India as a rainbow. With every color of the rainbow standing for a different facet of India's heritage, the colorful event was a kaleidoscope of cultural extravagance. Our esteemed guests Prof. Aman Agarwal and Dr. Indu Dhangar embraced the event and shared insights on the significance of diversity in our society, drawing parallels with the colors of the rainbow. The event was honored by the presence of distinguished guests, including Ms. Parveen Gautam, Ms. & Mr. Pradeep Brara and Ms. & Mr. N.B. Joshi. Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Pro Vice Chairman and Ms. Reva Nayyar, a member of the School Managing Committee also graced the occasion with their presence. The Principal, Ms. Supriti Chauhan, commended the diligent work of our talented dipsites. Her remarks inspired us to value and appreciate the individuality of every person, just as every hue adds to the spectrum's beauty. The children radiated enthusiasm as they depicted the seven colors of the rainbow, beautifully intertwined with the essence of India’s heritage. The Pre-nursery kids sparked up the celebration with a captivating dance that greeted everyone. Aside from musical performances and skits showcasing Yoga as an integral part of our life and paying respect to our farmers and scientists, the event featured amazing fashion show exhibiting the work of Indian artisans, love for our great soldiers who are our superheroes, and captivating dance performances depicting various Indian festivals. The parents, staff and guests were deeply impressed by the performances that radiated both entertainment and educational value. The event not only celebrated the vibrant colors of our nation but also served as a reminder that our differences make us stronger when embraced with understanding and respect, which left a lasting impression and inspired everyone to continue promoting unity in their communities and beyond.