Learning Never Stops at DPS, GBN

In the wake of prevailing Covid-19 outbreak, DPS, GBN embraced the new normal and commenced the Academic Session 2020-21 with its first move of introducing online classes.

Due to the unprecedented situation the teachers have been thrown into a formidable challenge but they have risen to the occasion remarkably and as a continued effort are striving to make the virtual classrooms as interactive and interesting as regular ones. To make teaching and learning more convenient and available to all, the teachers share content, worksheets, videos, PowerPoint presentations and solved questions through ERP and Whatsapp groups.

While the Teachers are working hard to deliver online classes in tough conditions, the role of parents has increased too. We are grateful to the parents for their constant support and trust in us and also for ensuring that the children have access to all the material and supplies that they would need for virtual classes.

This is a stressful time for children, but the school is putting its best to keep them stress-free, make learning a joyous ride and help them create happy, unforgettable memories. We hope the students will use this time at home fruitfully and embellish themselves with new skills.