"Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence." - Tom Allen

Energy conservation is the practice of reducing the quantity of energy used. It may be attained through efficient energy use or by reduced consumption of energy services.

Delhi Public School, GBN, has proudly joined the Energy Saving Campaign, an initiative by the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA). The campaign’s aim is to motivate schools to adopt energy efficient equipment & practices, as well as to inculcate healthy energy usage behaviour which is sustainable.

Four years ago, the school had formed an Energy Conservation Club with fifteen students who are still actively involved in energy saving campaign. Every year new students join this club and contribute towards conservation of energy. The Club members along with the teachers have made the students and parents take a pledge to save energy for future generations. The club members did an audit of the school’s electrical panels to ensure that no electricity is being wasted on account of poor wiring and insulation. The school’s solar panels generate energy for daily consumption and the surplus energy is sent for use to the UP-government’s power grid. An energy survey was also conducted by the students of the club. Students made posters, wrote slogan, poems and essays to express their view point. Important days were also celebrated by the students with great enthusiasm.  We hope, our efforts will help fulfil the purpose of this mega campaign. School has been undertaking all the measures in day-to-day life to conserve energy by creating awareness and making students more responsible and sensitive.