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Satyam Jayati Bharate

DPS, GBN organised ‘Satyam Jayati Bharate’ on October 18 and 19, 2023 where skilled children of grades I & II showcased the essence of all four yugas through captivating dance and drama performances. The event begun with the lightning of sacred lamp, signifying the dispelling of darkness and the ushering in of knowledge and wisdom. ‘Satyam Jayati Bharate’ emphasized the cultural and moral values associated with each yuga. Mr Prabhakar Mishra, Media Professional at NEWS 24 was present as our esteemed Chief Guest who wholeheartedly embraced the event with unwavering enthusiasm. The event was graced by Guest of Honour – Mrs. & Mr Harpal Singh and Mr. Sharat Kumar Jain; and also by our special guest – Ms. Amreen Singh and Mr. Shakti Sharma. Mr. Vineet Nayyar Pro Vice Chairman and Ms. Reva Nayyar member of School Managing Committee graced the occasion with their presence. Principal Ms. Supriti Chauhan appreciated the diligent efforts of our talented dipsites. The event aimed to educate and inspire everyone by showcasing timeless wisdom and teachings embedded in these historical epochs. The performances were a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by the school's students and faculty, who had meticulously crafted every act to perfection. The graceful dancers and talented actors brought to life the stories of ancient India, leaving the audience spellbound.

The event’s success was greatly attributed to the enthusiastic support of parents who encouraged and cheered for the young performers. Each act was performed with the aim of depicting the purity and righteousness of Satyuga to the challenges of Kalyuga, leading to the deteriorating state of the planet and how as a community we can come together in harmony to reign in the values that holds our planet together.